Monday, May 30, 2011

A Burst of Orange By the Sea!

Orange brings the energy of red and the happiness of yellow to your space and is so often associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. It represents enthusiasm and creativity and encourages socialization. In fact, in feng shui, orange is called the "social" color as it creates feng shui energy to promote lively conversation and good times. In the winter, it can remind us of the heat of the summer. Orange works with so many colors. It brightens up a room with a neutral palette. Crisp white can make orange stand out even more. We love this orange shutter with a hint of perwinkle blue.

By the Sea Decor offers a selection of accent pillows to splash onto your sofa. Isola Bella's linen canvas artwork is available in many sizes, all with beautifully hand-printed swimming fish. Orange is making us smile!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swing Away!

Swing Away! Is there a better spot to relax? Not sure how many of us would have this actual setting featured in Coastal Living Magazine, but it would be nice to visit here. With cool ocean breezes, you may not need too much energy to get your swing moving! Green and turquoise together just bring you beachside, whether you have this magnficient oceanfront view or a little patio outside of your home. The calming element of turquoise with the natural element of green give your whole space a serene setting. Throw some of our favorite accent pillows together in shades of turquoise and green and you can highlight a neutral sofa background with accents of tranquil color. Add our popular Starfish Bubble Glassware and our large clam shell accent piece and you can almost have this room. We say did say almost!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flocking to the beach

Yes, this will be us flocking to the beach for this Memorial Day weekend. My organized beach house will become chaotic with a multi-generational gathering of my friends and my children's guests. Yes, my floors will be sandy, wet towels will adorn every door in the house and the barbeque grill will probably never shut off! Would I trade this for a quiet weekend by the sea? No way! No matter where life's journeys take my two children, you can guarantee that Memorial Day weekend will be spend at the beach.

There will be bocce ball tournaments on the beach. Not to mention wiffle ball and football. We will make sure my husband does his stretches beforehand to save his hamstring. Diving catches into the ocean. We will scramble when the "beach badge checker" comes by as our 8 seasonal beach badges will not go very far with our house full. There will be exursions on the bay. Weekend-long tennis matches. Bike rides to the lighthouse. There will also be time for quiet relaxation on the beach noses in summer reading and old magazines.

Showers in the outside shower, hoping you don't lock yourself out. Yes, even 22 and 24 year olds still vie for "first shower off the beach". Our house will be in a frenzy with everyone trying to get ready at once. This year both children will initiate their "significant others" into our Jersey Shore. Aromas of perfume, hair products and yes, aloe, emanate from the room the girls are getting ready in. Watching the boys get ready is quite another matter . . . shower and they are done, trying to figure out what is taking the girls so long.

There will be potluck barbeque dinners with more guests than available dinner plates. We'll watch the sunset over the bay and maybe have a glass of wine or two. Actually, we will definitely have the wine. Somehow, simple dinners just taste better in the salt air . . . not to mention the wine!

As we honor those who have served our country, we cherish spending time together this weekend. It will be the busiest weekend of the season for us. Actually, probably not, but we'll enjoy it anyway.

In the words of New Jersey's own Bruce Springsteen . . . "cause down the shore everything's all right." And it most certainly is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeling a Little Turquoise?

Admittedly, turquoise happens to be my favorite color at the beach. This color has such a calming effect and can bring you right to the Caribbean Sea. Adding a few turquoise accents into your space can bring the soothing feeling of being on vacation By the Sea! The combination of blue (water element) and green (wood element) give turquoise its unique charm.

We have so many choices in this tranquil shade. Embroidered coral done here on a bright white linen background. Trina Turk has beautiful tones of turquoise in her many embroidered pillows and this great rug. Need lighting? We love this Kimmel Caribbean Blue Lamp by Arteriors.

Turquoise works with so many colors. You can stay neutral with taupe and sand tones. Looking for some punch? Try pairing turquoise with some purple accents.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clutch . . . for Life at the Beach!

We love, love, love these new linen clutch bags by Isola Bella. Perfectly-sized for all the essentials, each clutch is hand-printed with gifts from the sea. You can take this chic clutch from your jeans and t-shirt to your evening By the Sea. Lined in coordinating cotton with a hidden zipper closure.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are capable of enhancing decor through a sense of light and space. They can expand your space by reflecting your surroundings. A well-placed mirror can extend the line of sight to emphasize a particular view. Be careful not to mount a mirror too high as it may reflect the ceiling. Unless, of course, this is your intention!

A plain, simple mirror can be framed to mimic a piece of art, or simply to further enhance your room's decor by adding more texture. A mirror encased in shells or decorative wood can also become a focal point in your room and act as wall art.

According to feng shui, mirrors bring the energy of water to your space. Pure, deep and calm water serves as a reflection. A square or rectangular mirror can bring balance to a room. An octagonal shape offers power and unity to your space.

So, mirrors are more than places to "check" your image . . . they are perfecting for "reflecting" an image.

What a wonderful way to reflect your beautiful surroundings.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Nights!!!

Thinking about those summer nights on the deck or patio . . . cool ocean breezes . . . lots of family and friends exhausted from a beautiful day in the sun. We love this natural seaside gathering spot compliments of House Beautiful. Wood tones and simple furnishings gives this space an unencumbered feel and invites everyone to stay past dark. We picture a dinner of cool refreshing salad served on our classic white starfish dinnerware with a crisp glass of Chardonnay, of course, in one of our beautifully etched sets from Rolf Glass. Rolf Glass is a U.S. glass manufacturer who offers unique, distinctive designs on high-quality glasswhere, affordably priced. We carry all of their seaside lines: Starfish, School of Fish, Compass Rose, Tropical Palm, Sailboat and Seashell. Their collection of glass styles range from cordial glasses to decanters to every size wine glass you may need.

We would like to see our Seagrass-wrapped Beverage Set on this table to be used for water or beverage glasses. A set of six seagrass-wrapped glasses sits in a matching basket for easy summer entertaining.

We picture Isola Bella's Driftwood Starfish table runner here to complete the setting. Isola Bella creates crisp, artistic linens on pure linen, all hand-printed. Pillows, napkins and placemats in so many fun treasured icons from the sea.

Need extra seating? Copy their clever idea with leftover logs.

Ready, Set, RELAX . . .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Favorite Seaside Room . . . Ever!!

What's not to love in this romantic seaside room featured in Coastal Living magazine?

A neutral palette, lots of natural fabrics and some gorgeous lighting choices. Most of us do not have this beautiful water view, but we can recreate this fabulous space. We have chosen Arterior's Versailles 6-light Iron/Glass chandelier decorated with delicate blue glass beads. The delicate and airy strands of beads keep the mood in this room light.

We would throw some of Pablo Mekis hand-embroidered pillows onto this classic sofa. Each pillow cover is intricately hand-made onto linen fabric. A seaside room can always use a "gift from the sea" . . . we have added one of our faux coral. The accent chair can be highlighted with our Square Feathers 3-button and 2-button linen and down pillows. They are very comfortable and beautifully detailed accent pillows in a variety of patterns and all natural fabrics.

What a charming and romantic place to relax By the Sea!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Simple Coastal Decor Idea!

Have a tired old headboard that just needs something? How about adding one of our wooden plaques to either the footboard of headboard to give your room instant coastal appeal. Think of the possibilities in salvaging that bed that just needs a little updating. Paint your bed to compliment the color palette you have chosen to decorate your room. Then add one of our wooden whales available in either antiqued blue or antiqued white. Or, if our retro diver is more your style, she is available in aqua, coral or lime. Your tired old headboard has now been repurposed!

Black and white artwork, or your favorite beach photographs work well against this subtle white background. Toss a few pillows on the bed, add a table lamp and a few more of your treasured beach finds and your room is ready for you or your guests. Pleasant dreams!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Madras By the Sea!

Love madras plaid and it is making a comeback from its 1960's heyday. Showing up everywhere from clothing to bedding, the brightly colored fabrics bring summer to your space instantly.

We found this fabulous bedroom from Coastal Living magazine. Bright lime, yellow and shades of blue give this room its spectacular yet relaxed atmosphere. The view isn't bad either!

We have added a few of our products from By the Sea Decor in keeping with the tones of the madras plaid in this room. We are passionate about our collection of Square Feathers pillows made with the finest details and filled with the softest pillow inserts we have found. Our lime green palm tree nesting tables are just the right size (and color) to slip into this room. Arteriors never disappoints with its collection of unique, quality made lighting. You can always count on them to give as much importance to their shade choices as their base lighting.

There is even a summer beverage called the "Madras". When first poured into your glass, you see shades of orange and red until it is stirred. Here's the recipe for a simple summer drink:

1 1/2 oz vodka

3 oz cranberry

3 oz orange juice


Simply fill a glass with ice (our starfish bubble glass tumblers happen to be perfect for this drink), add vodka, cranberry and orange juice. Raise your glass!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom By the Sea!

My Mom gave me my love for the beach. Our family vacation consisted of a week in an apartment at the Jersey Shore, long before Snooki & her crowd moved in. My Dad spent the week fishing while my Mom and I spent leisurely hours on our blanket by the sea reading and reading our endless books . . . my hair filled with "Sun In" hoping to turn blonde. Quite an impossible feat for a brunette. For me, there was no better vacation than the one I experienced. Back to the apartment for dinner which consisted of one of the many meals my full-time working Mom had lovingly prepared and brought down to the shore in coolers. Sleep soundly with the sound of the waves outside . . . and get up to start the next beach day, happy to repeat the day before.

Times have changed and we no longer have to rent an apartment by the sea. My Mom cannot make it to the beach anymore, but she has passed down her love of the beach. My grown children have a deep-seeded love for all our Jersey shore has to offer . . . beautiful beaches . . . great restaurants . . . and the bay to explore. There is no place else they would rather be than on their little island By the Sea!

My Mom has given me so much more than love for the beach. I admire her courage and determination in dealing with the debilitating condition she struggles with. She is an example to all of us to persevere what life throws in our path.

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo By the Sea

Throw a fiesta to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This holiday is not widely celebrated in Mexico, but is celebrated nationwide in the U.S. Another day to celebrate!

One of our favorite Southwest-themed dishes is Emeril's Cowboy Chicken Casserole consisting of skinless, boneless chicken breasts with a mushroom-bechamel sauce piled on a bed of tortilla chips. Serve this in our Starfish Rectangular Baker!

Don't forget beverages . . . try Emeril's Fresh & Fierce Margaritas with just the right balance of sweet and sour! Perfectly served in our Monet By the Sea Margarita Glasses & Pitcher Set.

Now for dessert, how about a delicious Tres Leche cake? Serve on our Shell Embossed Dessert Plate Set.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hostess Gift Ideas for Summer Entertaining

The summer entertaining season is finally upon us! Parties to celebrate so many of life's occasions or simply getting together with friends. To thank your hostess for her hospitality, we have chosen a few ideas for the perfect thank you gift. The choices are almost endless, but we have tried to narrow our selection down for those summer parties By the Sea!

There's nothing like candlelight to create soft ambiance for an intimate gathering. Our Coral Pillar Candleholders ($37.99 for a set of 3) are made of resin and are staggered in height to give the seaside table subtle elegance.
There is always a spot for our Bleached Coral sculpture ($28.99) in a beach home. Our Nautical Blue guest towel set by D.L. Rhein ($49.99 for a set of 6) would be a welcome addition to any seaside bath. So many choices in linen cocktail napkins are available in our Isola Bella hand-printed collection ($14.99 for a set of 4). Entertaining By the Sea can be made easier and more fun with our Natural Shell Tidbit Plates ($23.99 for a set of 4) or our silver Shellfish cocktail forks ($16.99 for a set of 2).
Let the parties begin!