Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Want this Room??

We love the relaxing seaside palette of this coastal living room from House Beautiful.  There is just something so appealing about silk down-filled pillows on a natural linen sofa.  And the colors are so perfect together.

Now, for our version of this fabulous space . . .


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Washed Upon the Shore

Spending a week on the beautiful beaches of St. Thomas gave me so many lovely memories.  Especially seeing the coral washed upon the shore each morning.  Pieces of all sizes and shapes brought in by the tide.  Living at the Jersey Shore, we come to appreciate the many different shells that wash upon our beaches, but I have yet to find a piece of coral!  Driftwood often after a storm, but no coral!  Our hosts on the island chuckled at my thorough excitement at what the tide had literally washed up.  I could have filled a suitcase with my treasures.

After returning back to the Northeast, my thoughts turned to our wonderful collection of faux coral in sculptures, lamps and candleholders.  Realistically designed to keep natural coral on your favorite beaches.  Some of our new coral addtions.


We'll leave you with a beautiful beach filled with coral! 

Happy Beachcombing!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inventing My Own Sunshine!

As winter trudges along here in the Northeast, albiet as a very mild winter so far, I am missing my intense summer sun.  I decided to pull together a few of my favorite yellow things to spread a little sunshine, warmth and cheer into these cloudy winter days. 

Yes, those are yellow seahorses coordinating with the yellow dining chairs. Simple hardwood floors . . . just sweep the sand away.

 In case you do not know the history of the Jack Rogers Navajo sandal . . . well Jackie O made them famous in the 60's.  The same shoe is still handmade in Florida.  They have created these Bahamas easy-to-wear to the beach flip-flops . . . in yes, yellow!

Definitely need a new beach bag to go with the bright yellow Jack Rogers sandals.  Found this handmade bag by Banyon Hippo on Etsy!

But, I have to admit, this is my favorite yellow sight . . . the lifeguard stand on our beach . . . means summer is in full force!  Pretty soon, pretty soon . . .