Friday, September 7, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Say it on a Pillow!

What can we say?  We LOVE these new natural jute pillows headed to By the Sea Decor.  Some of our favorite beach quotes are intricately embroidered on 11" x 22" lumbar pillows.  Complete with down and feather inserts.  One simple quote can easily change your perspective and put your stamp on your seaside space.  In the words of the designer of these beautiful pillows, "well said pillows for the well-appointed home".

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catch of the Day

Growing up with a dad who loved salt water fishing, we heard many a fish story . . . yes, including the one that got away.

Seeing these rooms outfitted with the catch of the day gives these spaces a nostalgic touch.

So maybe you don't really have a fish to hang in your space . . . here are a few more ideas to bring the ocean to your favorite room! 

We love the hand made picket fence fish in all your favorite beach colors . . . two styles to choose from:  Classic and Caribbean . . . so now even if you don't fish, you have options!

A set of six, all original, all different!

One fish, two fish . . . how about a few fish pillows? 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Certain Slant

There's just something endearing about a sloped ceiling. Think you might not have enough space to create a room . . . take a look at what these designers did in these spaces.

A few ideas from House and Home Canada . . .

More ideas featured in Coastal Living magazine . . .

See, you have more space than you think!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

We love to see things repurposed and marvel at the innovations that people come up with.  This house recently featured in House Beautiful magazine showed us a coffee table designed with old nautical chain.  Chunky and over-sized works perfectly against all the calming white decor.

Have some old nautical buoys in your collection?  This house has turned their salvaged buoys into interesting and inventive ceiling fixtures.

Wait . . . don't throw out that old window frame . . . repurpose it as a backdrop to highlight some of your smaller artwork!

Want to hide your widescreen tv?  Take this idea from House Beautiful . . . a pull-down map!

So many ideas to get you motivated and thinking!  Ready, set . . . repurpose!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Coastal Decor Lighting!

There's nothing like an accent lamp to give your room a quick update.  Pick a lamp that fits your new decor idea, and run with it! 

This brand new coral wall sconce would look beautiful surrounding your seaside fireplace.  How about a stairway?  Perhaps the dining room!

A wonderful lighting choice for your guest bedroom.  A mosaic of tiny seashells designed into a floral pattern.

Nothing like a little turquoise by the sea! 

Capiz shell is such a classic for coastal decor.

Love, love, love glass at the beach.  Think seaglass!  This new lighting choice is also available in cobalt, amber, clear and green.

Slender space?  At 32 1/2" in height, this aqua ribbed glass lamp will have a commanding presence.  Looking for other colors?  No problem.  Also available in amber and amethyst.

The "go to" lamp . . . dimpled porcelain base . . . simple white shade . . . can fit in anywhere!

See how easy that was!