Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bringing the Beach to a Room Near You!

We do believe the beach can be anywhere you may be living.  Just because we may be physically landlocked by our residence, mentally, well . . . we can always bring ourselves seaside. 

Any room can be transformed into a subtle reminder of the place you so love.  A dining room chandelier can make a coastal statement in any setting.

A large clam shell or a piece of faux coral resting on a coffee table can bring the ocean to you, even if you are in the heart of the city.  Simple linen sofas in neutral tones can be the perfect backdrop for a few seaside-inspired accent pillows.

The kitchen is an easy place to bring in the warmth of the beach. Hang a Retro Dive plaque over your otherwise uneventful kitchen sink.  We promise you will smile everytime you head to that spot.

Any bathroom can be transformed into a coastal oasis. Shower curtains, bath towels and seaside accessories can make even a small space feel the vastness of the sea.

See, it's easy with all of the beautiful coastal decor products out there to choose from!  Decorate your space in whatever makes you happy.  After all, it is your space!